Friday, May 28, 2010

ShopToEarth Success Tips, Tools and Advice on The Little Big Things

by Dan Swiniarski
Tom Peters began his “Success Tips” blog back in the early 2000s, and today Tom continues to push out basic, fundamental, simple and time-proven teachings for success.
There isn’t anything in this book that is earth shattering or “off-the-charts” new and innovating, but what you will find is tons of information you can take, use and win with, should you adopt, adapt and get off the couch NOW!
“The Little Big Things” is not going to be the easiest read, nor is it going to be a book you will finish quickly, but you will find page after page of incredibly SIMPLE and useful tips, tools and advice. Not to mention you will get the feeling Tom is actually speaking to and challenging you.
Toms preaching of simple things are spread throughout this little gem. Wisdom like show up and show appreciation. Or, “People first, people second, people third, people infinity.” Reward excellent failures.
And a couple of my favorites:
“Devote adequate time to self-development”

“To do much with an idea, you need an ATTITUDE.”
So if you are really ready to get off the couch, shut off the TV and do something about where you are with YOU INC., I recommend you pick up this book along with a ledger and start reading immediately.

Start acting on the little big things.

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