Thursday, June 10, 2010

Timing is Everything says ShopToEarth National Trainer, Rich Soviero

Time Management Tips

The old saying, “Time is money,” still rings true, especially when running your eco-friendly ShopToEarth network. The beauty of ShopToEarth, it actually saves time, notes ShopToEarth’s National Trainer, Rich Soviero.

“Online shopping with ShopToEarth saves an incredible amount of time! We purchase everything possible through our Website, the only time we have to shop in a physical store is for groceries,” says Soviero. “Instead of walking through Costco or Target on the weekends, we now order from the comfort of our homes, and it is delivered right to our door.”

Stop wishing for more time to do the things you enjoy! Check out Rich’s Time Management Tips below to start making the most of being a ShopToEarth representative.

Rich's Top Three Time Management Tips:

1. Modeling: Figure out your schedule with an end result in mind

2. Define your time: Think about the various activities in your life and group them together

3. Replace Multi-tasking with Uni-tasking: Do one task at a time to improve concentration and allow yourself to get more done in less time

Daily Time Management Routine:

I plan out my day in advance with a focus on completing my daily goals, crossing them off as they are completed. It keeps me focused all day long no matter what else comes up.

When you procrastinate, what do you find yourself doing?

I hate to procrastinate, but I do find myself doing it occasionally with things that are painful for me to do. I find myself ignoring it and pretending its not there.

How do you avoid procrastination?

With me it’s all about mindset and being determined to hit another goal.

Words of Wisdom on Time Management:

Make daily, weekly and monthly goals: The key is to write them down and stay focused on these goals. Put them in front of you in the car, on your mirror, at your desk just to help keep you focused.

Tools for Time Management that you use or recommend?

My best tool is my phone where I keep my lists and it alerts me to all upcoming events.

Catch up with Rich Soviero online on Twitter @richsoviero or one of his ShopToEarth business and training calls.

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