Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Going, Going, Going….Green on ShopToEarth. Just Do It says Hilary Martin

Ever wonder how other people in the ShopToEarth network are going green? Hilary Martin, ShopToEarth’s Director of Marketing, gives us the scoop on how ShopToEarth helped her go green and passes along tips on what you can do to add more green to your life.

What are some easy ways people can start shopping green?

Start with the basics. Think of the things you use on a weekly and monthly basis that don’t require changing your routine. For example, paper towels, toilet paper, cleaning products and laundry supplies. These are all things we use weekly that you can start switching out for greener alternatives. Sun & Earth for example, has a wonderful eco friendly laundry detergent that is extremely affordable!

Name some great eco leaders who inspire you:

Ed Begley, Jr is an obvious one. I first met Ed in 2006 after listening to one of his inspiring speeches during an Eco Conference in California. The second would be Jill Buck. Jill is the Founder of the Go Green Initiative and she is, by far, one of the most passionate and giving people I’ve met. Jill has accomplished many great things with the GGI, which is helping thousands of schools and children across the nation raise environmental awareness. One of the most exceptional experiences I’ve had working in the “green world” was the GGI 2008 Earth Summit in Syracuse. Jill produced a top notch Earth Summit with some of the nations leading environmental activists. I was able to attend lectures from national eco leaders from the NRC, Time Incorporated and the USGBC, I’m also a fan of Sara Snow. Sara grew up living green, as her father was the co-founder of Eden Foods. She is a true inspiration!

Last book you read:

Eat, Pray, Love by Elizabeth Gilbert....and I highly recommend it! “Eat in Italy, Pray in India, Love in Indonesia...great humor, insight and charm!”

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