Thursday, July 1, 2010

Living Green is Easy, Try Walking the Eco-Life By Hilary Martin

Just about everything I do from the time I wake up in the morning until going to bed at night is green. I wake up to Fair Trade Coffee, Kiss My Face toothpaste and Key Naturals Skincare. You can find coffee and salsa containers “reused” around my house for various things, ShopToEarth H2Go bottle or Water Week bottles to the gym (love them both) and more.

I absolutely LOVE the Salad Sac from Sustainable Table! I rinse my spinach pour into the Salad Sac then toss in the fridge. You’d be amazed at how long everything stays fresh, probably 3 times as long as keeping it in the plastic salad bags, loose or in containers. My animals eat all natural as well. LOVE Joint Check by People Pets and Horses!  I recently moved and had to call the city for extra recycle bins. If it can be recycled, I recycle it. My next project is to start a new compost garden.

Tell us some things you do to shop green:

I love Trader Joe’s!  I always use reusable grocery bags. If you don’t want to break the bank purchasing all organic fruits and veggies, read up on which fruits and veggies are the most important to buy organic then purchase a Fruit and Veggie Wash from your Green Mall to help with the rest.  I try to buy Fair Trade Certified as much as possible, it’s very important. If you’re not familiar with Fair Trade Certified Products, please educate yourself.

On my shopping list you’ll find:

•    Sun and Earth Laundry Detergent
•    Key Naturals, Vital Fruits, Kiss My Face Lavender body lotion
•    Elephant Poo Pads (great gifts and awesome conversation piece to promote your STE Business),
•    Crazy Pineapples Candles, they smell delicious and last longer/don’t cause sneezing or irritation like standard candles. Amazing!
•    Sustainable Table – love it all!

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  1. Awesome. I know Hilary & know she is a Green Gal! It is how she lives her life. It makes it easy with buying thru the online Shop To Earth Green Mall.

    Debbie Russell