Tuesday, May 11, 2010

The Business Power of Breaks and Brainstorming @ShopToEarth

by ShopToEarth’s Erin Welsh

An important aspect of being a good leader, and often overlooked, is you have to take breaks to clear the mind and rejuvenate.

I’ve found myself over the last two years getting obsessed with completing the job, instead of realizing there is always going to be a huge workload and telling myself, “Take a break already!”

I think this is important no matter your career or what your life is like. We are at our best when we take time for ourselves, whether it’s a long weekend, hanging out with family, going to a concert or just a simple workout.

This is something I have really had to work on and really never realized it until the last two years. Funny, right? I have to work on not working so much!

But slowly I have understood I am at my best when I take a little time to decompress and enjoy things like yoga, laughter, being outside in the sunshine, live music, my family and my friends.

The ShopToEarth Cruise was a great way for me to decompress and enjoy the wonderful people making a huge impact on STE’s mission. It doesn’t get any better than taking your first ride on a scooter with your big brother Pat! That will clear your head no doubt!

Brainstorming – Four Heads are Better than One
Another thing I am very passionate about in business is brainstorming sessions. I am a firm believer in the idea that four heads are better than one to make an idea or program the best it can be.

ShopToEarth is at its best when we incorporate opinions and feedback from the leaders in the field, Customer Support Staff, Shannon Beck and Hilary Martin’s Sales and Marketing perspective, Pat’s Visionary perspective, and always ideas from the programming and technical side.

Listening and realizing that everyone’s input is important because perspectives are meant to be different, and multiple perspectives are very valuable.

So use your head to take your ShopToEarth green business to the next level. Give your brain a break every now and then, and rely on collective thoughts of those around to plan and succeed!

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