Thursday, May 13, 2010

How Effortless Action = Success in Life and ShopToEarth Business

by ShopToEarth’s Julio Varela

Accomplish more, by trying less. This can be construed as a thought that goes against the principle of “No Pain, No Gain,” completely contrary to “You have to work HARD to make things happen,” and “The harder I work the luckier I get.” I’m sure you get the point.
When you discover the power of “Effortless Action” and eliminate expectancies from your life, the result is action without attachment to outcome. You will be accepting every result of your actions and choices for what they turn out to be, not what you might want them to be. In other words, “It is what it is,” and you continue forward.
Understand that you can act without the implied judgment of words such as effort or trying. You can compete without being focused on outcome.  Eliminating opposites paradoxically unifies them so that it is unnecessary to identify with one position.
You go into unquestionable action. You react immediately to whatever it is you are going to do. You don’t procrastinate. You do it without even thinking about doing it! 
The joy is in the constant doing at your own point of reality.  Your present, your NOW has unquestionable power built upon your 100% trust that whatever the outcome is, it is not controlled by you, and when that outcome materializes whether in seconds, hours, weeks, month or years, it has already been accepted by you as the outcome that is supposed to be. 
Don’t try to do the business, just do the business when you have decided to do the business. Remember Shakespeare and “The best laid plans of mice and men?”
Don’t spend time trying to manipulate the outcome of an event, just use your free will to decide what you want to do in that precise moment of the present, and allow your inexhaustible source to provide it to you in whatever form that it might reveal itself. 
In other words, accept it if it happens that exact way you wanted it to happen, or equally accept it if it happens in a totally different manner, or even if it doesn’t happen at all!
For in the scheme of eternity, who are we to question the importance of one single act, while at the same time appreciate the power one single miniscule action can have in the shifting fabric of eternity through our thoughts or actions?
Balancing your business life with your spiritual life always in front, is the way to achieve harmony and peace of mind. Enjoy and just be you.
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  1. Hello Julio! An interesting concept! Likewise, The Hemp Network is a direct sales company in PreLaunch until June 1 as Bruce Perlowin & Company (Medical Marijuana Inc ) have added MLM to the burgeoning medical cannabis industry.
    Call me at (323) 420-6200 to get going!

    David Tobias

  2. Julio:

    Great article. Thanks for sharing this concept. We are excited you are with STE.


    Camille Mitchell
    STE Broker

  3. Hi Julio,

    I really enjoyed your article and I love what you have to say "Be yourself." We are given such a gift within each one of us and when we accept ourselves and others for who they are we are much happier and can be much more successful.

    Everyone was created different for a reason and could you imagine if we were all the same. Life would really be boring.

    Keep up the positive outlook as always do and I am grateful to have met you.