Wednesday, March 3, 2010

ShopToEarth Mark ups? Question and Answer

At ShopToEarth, we promote green thinking and saving. We always like to share questions that others come to us with; along with our answers…This is a copy of a question and answer from the ShopToEarth Facebook Fan Page Discussion Board.

Question from ShopToEarth representative:
I recently received an objection from a potential broker because of the price mark-ups on the Shop to Earth side. Evidently, the prices directly from the Vendor were at times - almost half the cost of the prices listed on ShopToEarth side. And even the My Retail Mall side was less expensive for the same product on the ShoptoEarth side. Please let me know how to handle this objection. How can we tell people to shop and make their $50.00 on the ShopToEarth side if they know their being overcharged?

ShopToEarth Answer
We are continually working on improving our pricing for Green Mall products. In fact, we just recently slashed prices for all Green Horizon products by 5%. The more volume we sell, the better pricing we will be able to offer. There is also some great information in your Training Center->FAQ's that will help you address this objection. STE

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