Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Good Read: ShopToEarth's Dan Swiniarski Reviews ‘Drive’ by Daniel Pink

By Dan Swiniarki, ShopToEarth President

I just finished reading Daniel Pink's new book "Drive".  In this book, Pink does a great job of breaking down motivation and how people respond to certain stimuli. In the book Pink shows that traditional monetary motivation is losing its gusto in the market as more and more companies (Google) allow their people creative freedom and autonomy on projects.  Some companies even allow their employees to work in different departments as long as they create something tangible. 

There were several examples that showed when compensation was applied to a task, interest as well as artistic creativity were hampered considerably. Throughout the book Pink gives examples as well as case studies that can be applied to all levels of learning. 

If you run a company, or work for a company, you have to read this book.
Understanding the principles Pink brings will allow you to drive your staff or yourself to new heights.

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