Tuesday, February 9, 2010

ShopToEarth Next Step Winners. Let's Duplicate!

ShopToEarth rolled out the green carpet for a Grammy-like night of awards and recognition at this year’s Next Step from Orlando, Florida. Hosted by Pat Welsh and Joe Locke with an entourage of glitz and glamour help, the ceremony proved to be enlightening and empowering. In case you missed the starry night, here’s the ShopToEarth 2010 winners list. We encourage you to duplicate their efforts!

Rookie of the Year Nominees
1. Lisa Douglas
2. Michael Fitzpatrick
3. Ed Kenny

Winner for Rookie of the Year Award
Ed Kenny

Best Attitude Nominees
1. Debbie & Steve Russell
2. Judy Quick
3. Chris Dietrick
4. Linda & Robierto Leyva

Winner for Best Attitude Award
Debbie and Steve Russell

Social Media Guru Nominees
1. Mike Morisi
2. Guilia Morelli
3. Gary Kaufman
4. Ana Rust

Winner for Social Media Guru Award
Gary Kaufman

Most Persistent Nominees
1. Jamie Klein
2. Joe and Anne Della Salla
3. Annie Pratt
4. Tony Zanoni

Winner for Most Persistent Award
Tony Zanoni

Couple of the Year Nominees
1. Vickie and Chris Morhardt
2. Jon and Gloria Favreau
3. Joe Ochiogrosso and Frank Marone
4. Dan Rea and Chuck Taylor

Winner for Couple of the Year Award
Joe Ochiogrosso & Frank Marone

Savvy Shopper Nominees
1. Julie Soviero
2. Kym Boucher
3. Ana Rust
4. Barbie Hargrave
5. Amy Roberts

Winner for Savvy Shopper Award
Julie Soviero

“Tree Hugger” Top Earth Volume for 2009 Nominees
1. Stacy Kinney - $6,651
2. Debbie Tullos - $6,820
3. Terri & Foster Malmed - $7,549
4. Jamie Didomenico - $29,462

Winner of “Tree Hugger” Top Earth Volume for 2009 Award
Jamie Didomenico

Mover & Shaker Nominee
1. Michael Fitzpatrick
2. Bryan Poole
3. Todd Miranda
4. Darbe Nokes

Winner for Mover & Shaker Award
Todd Miranda

Biggest Team Player Nominees
1. Tina Dimonica
2. Jim Pinney
3. Tamara Litterick
4. Sheri Wilcox

Winner for Biggest Team Player Award
Sheri Wilcox

Who to Watch in 2010 Nominees
1. Kimberly Smith
2. Ryan & Michela Zycharczyk
3. Lou & Mike Russo
4. Michael D’Angelo

Winner for Who to Watch in 2010 Award
Michael D’Angelo

Leads By Example Nominees
1. Michael D’Angelo
2. Dawn & Brian Connelly
3. Art & Kathleen Duel
4. Lucy Brown

Winner for Leads By Example Award
Art & Kathleen Duel

Winner for Dynamic Diva
Stacy Kinney

Best “Eco Vollie” Nominees
Gio Ferreti
Darbe Nokes
Angela Martin
Maria “Monkey” Schmoller
Michael Giese
Gary Kaufman
Brian Connelly
Debbie Russell
Lori Crabtree
Giulia Morelli

Winner for Best “Eco Vollie” Award
Lori Crabtree

Most Enthusiastic Nominees
1. Barbie Hargrave
2. Kim Holland
3. Claudia Lima
4. Maria-Flora “Monkey” Smoller

Winner for Most Enthusiastic Award
Kim Holland

Best All Around Nominees
1. Tim Moore
2. Toby Overdorf
3. Mike Moore
4. Stacy Kinney

Winner for Best All Around Award
Mike Moore

Best Actress and Supporting Actor in a Reality Series Award
Dawn and Brian Connelly

MVP Award
Rich Soviero

Field Leadership Council
Jimmy Boucher
Dawn Connelly
Rick Clark
Michael D’Angelo
Art & Kathleen Duel
Mike Moore
Time Moore
Joe Ochiogrosso & Frank Marone
Bob Quintana
Rich Soviero
Tony Zanoni

Fearless Leader Winner
Bob Quintana