Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Back to School, Back to Social Media with Lisa Buyer and Stacy Kinney

No hall passes, we want you in social media. Learn how to effectively use social media networks like Foursquare, Facebook and Twitter, both for your ShopToEarth and personal daily life.

It’s back to school and back to business time for everyone. Sign up and learn how you can leverage the power of social media for your ShopToEarth network. Expect a whole curriculum on Thursday, September 9th @ 9 pm ET with Social Media Expert Lisa Buyer and ShopToEarth’s Social Butterfly Stacy Kinney.

“I took some serious notes for ShopToEarth representatives last week while attending Search Engine Strategies Conference and Expo and can’t wait to reconnect with everyone for a social media affair to remember,” said Buyer who is a regular speaker, teacher and moderator on the subject of search, online public relations and social media.

September Social Media Curriculum for Success
Foursquare: The Check-ins, Tips, To Dos and Badges
Facebook: Privacy, Places and Events
Twitter: Spamming No No’s, Best Times of Day, Twitter Lingo

Get real ROI on your social media effort and see you online @lisabuyer

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