Sunday, January 17, 2010

ShopToEarth Helps Haiti

We’re all touched by this terrible disaster in Haiti.  Every hour continues to unfold and plea for our humanitarian support. Although this is not a matter of helping in the next hours, days or weeks, this unprecedented disaster in Haiti will be a matter of months and years to recover.

Yesterday President Obama and two former Presidents Bush and Clinton joined forces to announce the Clinton Bush Haiti Fund to help raise money for Haitians. Key messages from this triple presidential humanitarian effort we want to remind everyone.
  1. Make sure you give through an organization that is reputable and will pass your dollars to Haiti in the most responsible way
  2. Haiti needs cash more than anything to help this global situation
The ShopToEarth Foundation is reaching out for your immediate attention. If you have not contributed to the relief efforts yet here are a few agencies ShopToEarth endorses and partners with. We acknowledge that many great organizations are gathering funds an in-kind donations for Haiti. Here are a few that STEFoundation is working closely with.
  1. Charity Water
  2. Mission Haiti
Your ShopToEarth Friends and Family

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